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Blithe Spirit (2020): A Spirited But Uneven Adaptation
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Noel Coward's classic comedy "Blithe Spirit" has seen numerous adaptations over the years, but the 2020 film version starring Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher, and Judi Dench brings a fresh dose of charm and zaniness to the haunting tale. 

The story follows Charles (Stevens), a writer who inadvertently conjures the spirit of his late wife Elvira (Fisher) during a séance, much to the dismay of his current spouse, Ruth (Dench). What ensues is a delightful battle of wits and wills as the two wives vie for Charles's affection, with hilariously chaotic consequences. 

Director Edward Hall's adaptation captures the witty banter and farcical elements that made Coward's play a hit, thanks to the stellar performances from the lead cast. Fisher is a standout as the mischievous Elvira, injecting the right amount of playfulness and pettiness into her ghostly antics. Dench, as always, is a delight, delivering her lines with impeccable timing and a deliciously dry wit. 

However, the film's pacing occasionally lags, and some of the supporting characters feel underdeveloped. The visual effects used to depict Elvira's spectral form are also hit-or-miss, sometimes feeling a bit too cartoonish for the otherwise grounded tone. 

Despite its flaws, "Blithe Spirit" is a charming and entertaining romp that pays homage to Coward's witty writing while injecting a touch of modern flair. If you're in the mood for a lighthearted haunting filled with laughter and clever quips, this spirited adaptation is worth a watch. 

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