Knocked Up (2007)

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Tagline: Save the due date.

A slacker and a career-driven woman accidentally conceive a child after a one-night stand. As they try to make the relationship work, they must navigate the challenges of parenting and their differences in lifestyle and maturity.

A one-night affair with reckless slacker Ben Stone (Seth Rogen), which culminates in Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) becoming pregnant, presents a significant roadblock for the aspiring journalist Alison Scott (who is played by Katherine Heigl). She makes the decision that rather than raising the child on her alone, she will give Ben the opportunity to demonstrate that he is capable of being a parent. But, he is unclear as to whether or not he is prepared to become a father, and both of them are doubtful as to whether or not they would be suitable life partners.

Writer Judd Apatow

Producer Judd Apatow,
Shauna Robertson,
Clayton Townsend

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